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I was born, raised and currently reside in Box Elder County.  In 1995 I married my wife, Nicole Gunderson Jensen, also a life long resident of Box Elder County. Nicole is a 2nd grade teacher at Lake View Elementary in Brigham City. Together we have raised 3 children in this wonderful community. 

After graduating from Box Elder High School in 1989, I was employed at LA-Z-Boy from 1989-1992. In 1992, I started working at Autloliv as a production associate and then was promoted to a leadman. In 1999, I was hired and sent to the corrections academy by the Utah Department of Corrections. I worked at the Utah State Prison as a correctional officer and then transferred to the Northern Utah Community Correctional Center where I was a case manager and shift supervisor. While working at Northern Utah Community Correctional Center, I attended Weber State University where I graduated from the law enforcement academy. In 2002, I was hired on by the Utah Highway Patrol as a trooper in Box Elder County. I have been a corporal and am currently a K-9 handler and member of the Criminal Interdiction Team. While working on this team, I have received specialized training to intercept the flow of illegal substances traveling our road ways and entering our community. I have also received specialized training in locating missing, exploited, and endangered children. 

In addition to growing up and living in Box Elder County, I am the fourth generation Jensen to be running and living on our family farm in West Brigham City. Through farming I have learned responsibility, hard work, and problem solving skills. Farming is a hard job. It is physical, mental, and emotional, but at the end of the day it is also rewarding. The most rewarding part is being a part of this community and getting to know and work with others. 


I feel my background in law enforcement, my leadership skills, and my involvement in the community give me a unique opportunity to apply what I know to the challenges that confront our community today. I believe in proactive community engagement and I believe in making Box Elder County a safe place for families to live, grow, and work. I believe we have a duty as a county to preserve the peaceful, secure, hometown lifestyle that we enjoy.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. If you don’t know me, I want to get to know you.  I look forward to meeting you and hopefully earning your vote in the Republican Primary Election in June.

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